PS5 Teardown: An up-close and personal look at the console hardware 

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Your first look at PS5's internal components* that will power the next generation of amazing games.

*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

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7 okt 2020



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Speedyluke 03
Speedyluke 03 3 minuter sedan
I can’t understand that language
impossibly cautious
impossibly cautious 47 minuter sedan
Lol this whole thing was ripped to the GAM haiku
Donte Moss Jr.
Donte Moss Jr. 57 minuter sedan
i really hope the we get more fps like at least 120
Sergio D
Sergio D Timme sedan
Basically its a pc worth like 400
mundo do game
mundo do game 2 timmar sedan
Eu já tenho PlayStation1 já tem PlayStation 2 e já tem um Playstation 3 já tenho 4 agora só falta 5
Lucas brawl
Lucas brawl 2 timmar sedan
Que é brasileiro?
darthjacek1 3 timmar sedan
The screws for NVMe drive will be included ?
Sodar 3 timmar sedan
1/3 part of device its heatsink...
N.Dhrmaraj.567 N.Dhrmaraj.567
Any tamilans here😍
Kaѕнιғ Rk
Kaѕнιғ Rk 4 timmar sedan
poor intel
manu-cri 074
manu-cri 074 4 timmar sedan
Xbox the best
kapinjal vaidya
kapinjal vaidya 4 timmar sedan
I Bow down (Ojigi) to the Master Mechanical Design Chief...Humble in nature, it has reflected into his design of PS5.This is a brilliant piece of design.. No wonder they gave him the honor of this teardown to show it to the world... (Bow's down again)
Mid 5 timmar sedan
Cool, I just needed those tools just incase
snottymcnugget 5 timmar sedan
Wait , so does this mean the ps5 is gonna have different faceplates
Enrique Jasso
Enrique Jasso 5 timmar sedan
its like Lego but with extra steps
TH GAMER 5 timmar sedan
Hello Future me
Krampers Djurhuus
Krampers Djurhuus 6 timmar sedan
GTA 6 RIP 👎👎
Jrock Dugarz
Jrock Dugarz 6 timmar sedan
Wabbit Dude
Wabbit Dude 6 timmar sedan
Playstation's jet engine 2.0
Densha Otoko
Densha Otoko 7 timmar sedan
No display port out? Hdmi bandwidth is limiting
Jeison Díaz López
Jeison Díaz López 7 timmar sedan
Xbox series x the best
manu-cri 074
manu-cri 074 4 timmar sedan
Xbox the best
fredrick pascual
fredrick pascual 8 timmar sedan
ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 ps5 so many wats next ps6
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 9 timmar sedan
The console has a very Japanese look about it, almost like sony's older hi fidelity equipment that boasted the sticker MADE IN JAPAN.
Alex Stronghold
Alex Stronghold 10 timmar sedan
I could use this video to get some nice sleep with that japanese smooth voice...
williss11 11 timmar sedan
Is this the digital version? I don’t see the CD hole
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
Did you watched the video? The Blu-ray drive unit is there. That's your "CD hole".
cglk 329
cglk 329 12 timmar sedan
O şuan bende olacaktı varya bende şuan ps4 pro var ciğerleri çürüdü
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 9 timmar sedan
saadosh Y
saadosh Y 13 timmar sedan
Dimas Grande
Dimas Grande 13 timmar sedan
R J MP 14 timmar sedan
Were the Xbox at!!!!😌😌😌🙏🙏🙏
luis fernando
luis fernando 15 timmar sedan
chino cuanto cada pieza'??
Wendell Caldeira
Wendell Caldeira 15 timmar sedan
Yeah... This ps5, it is a CPU of a PC
James Pionke
James Pionke 15 timmar sedan
ok sony......don't go and disappoint me now...
PhxZ DARK 16 timmar sedan
Don’t understand a word but ok
Codename Zero
Codename Zero 16 timmar sedan
Ps5 is awesome
PinoZ 17 timmar sedan
Now it's Time to build my PS5.👨🏾‍🔧
Jayben Navor
Jayben Navor 17 timmar sedan
lol i'm xbox player and this looks better than the xbox design
Kill Sux
Kill Sux 6 timmar sedan
Someone who is normal?!? Wow :]
C. Castro
C. Castro 17 timmar sedan
The echo downgrades the video
Dixin C.
Dixin C. 18 timmar sedan
It now makes sense why it has a $500 price tag and it isn't because of raw power, it's because it has an extremely unnecessary and complicated design. Give it a couple months that fan will be very audible. PC case manufacturers have proven they can cram hardware into small well-designed cases. I don't get the feeling from this design.
MKI 10 timmar sedan
@Ikhwan Yusuf lol ikr... guy sounds so stupid.
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
You talked as if you're a Sony engineer who i don't know, has been working on the thermal cooling for PS5 for years npw?
Hail Mary
Hail Mary 18 timmar sedan
The modding community is going crazy right now
kanyaugatiejagwo 19 timmar sedan
Jackthegamer 19 timmar sedan
Khaki 21 timme sedan
Simple but advanced. Nice job SONY. I'm gonna buy one.
burro romo
burro romo 21 timme sedan
Daniel Solis
Daniel Solis 21 timme sedan
Yuriy K
Yuriy K 22 timmar sedan
Is the system that big or is this guy just a small framed dude.
Christian Mitten
Christian Mitten 22 timmar sedan
Who else didn’t manage to get a pre order 😔
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez 22 timmar sedan
Like si crees que la PS5 es una basura y es mejor la XBOX SERIES X
Sneaky Seven
Sneaky Seven 22 timmar sedan
Brotha the Xbox gonna be betta
Jayvie Reblex
Jayvie Reblex 23 timmar sedan
PS5 Teardown : asmr
Fahad Alzoubi
Fahad Alzoubi 23 timmar sedan
Parrotboy Pirate
Parrotboy Pirate 23 timmar sedan
Free hong kong
Geiner Chavarria
La consola que todos queremos ese chino la desarmo
Armando Santos
Armando Santos Dag sedan
Quiero una nueva ps Vita 2 🎮
Thegameryovo775 Dag sedan
This vid was released 1 day away from my bday.
Aihara_ Yuzu_
Aihara_ Yuzu_ Dag sedan
Votre mise à jour 8.0 toute peter la mdrrr
Rayan 5 timmar sedan
C est pas la maj 8.0
Yivani Mantshongo
Anyone else love the way he says "GPU-ha"😂😅💫
Sam Dag sedan
Playstation could you please make a new software update
Like los que hablen español
lastpokemon Dag sedan
Much respect! To Sony! I had PS1 skipped PS2 for original XBOX back to PS3 in 2007 skipped PS4. Its time for PS5. Money saved ready for the release date :)
Viraaj Konala
Viraaj Konala Dag sedan
I hate playstation do i love xbox more because bill gates works in it lol
TzSkiiLs Dag sedan
Bla bla bla Xbox just k.o this
Rayan 5 timmar sedan
xbox cost more money
unVibe. Dag sedan
When you trust him but but forget how to put them back again.
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur Dag sedan
Looks kinda big and bulky
Maxim Zavrazin
Maxim Zavrazin Dag sedan
Крайне херовый дизайн, все эти декоративные панели напоминают геймерские кресла, которые никакой функционаности не несут, по дизайну шаг назад
AlphaDream Dag sedan
ive seen this 5x already
Arav Doorgapershad
Why would you do that to the ps5
F1nn 05
F1nn 05 Dag sedan
PC is better 😂
F1nn 05
F1nn 05 32 minuter sedan
@TheOnlyHumanBeing 😂🙃
F1nn 05
F1nn 05 33 minuter sedan
@Rayan why?
Rayan 5 timmar sedan
PC for rich people
TheOnlyHumanBeing 21 timme sedan
Thanks for coming out 🌈
Massivestrokeee _
Shailesh Kumar
Shailesh Kumar Dag sedan
Everyone gangsta...until jerryrigeverything tears it down
buy ps5 free one game is nice........
WhatIsTime Dag sedan
This only has one hdmi out port? What about if I want to connect this to a receiver??
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
What do you want HDMI IN for?
BlueSky Dag sedan
I still playing ps3 in 2020
Altaf S
Altaf S Dag sedan
Shopkeeper - We finished building your PC. You can come and collect it. my Card - Declines Shopkeeper - 7:01
Fireman Gamespot
play station after launch ps5 i hope play station will make another portable device i really like psp but the graphic for now it was so bad i really like when i could play console anywhere
Fireman Gamespot
@Zula I want PlayStation to make it not nitendo
Zula Dag sedan
nintendo switch?
Belgische Pommes
That type of fan is a terrible idea imo as a customer but we will see.
Belgische Pommes
Belgische Pommes 6 timmar sedan
@Ikhwan Yusuf the radial axis is a weakpoint for oiling and noices. After 1 year it can make brbrbrbr. It's just my experience.
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf 11 timmar sedan
Why? Can you speak up your opinion based on engineering standpoints?
Best Buds
Best Buds Dag sedan
Looks like a copy of the Asus rog g20
Rayan 5 timmar sedan
Ps5 copy ps4 wish copy ps3 and ps2 but not ps1
Vivan Kumar
Vivan Kumar Dag sedan
I had a feeling that the white case would come off.....
Daniel Rowe
Daniel Rowe Dag sedan
I was impressed after seeing the stand at the start. How well thought out was that!
16 Dag sedan
Looks so outdated
bongocatbc Dag sedan
looks way better than the xbox
Zula Dag sedan
your just hatter
Nick pezzetti
Nick pezzetti Dag sedan
Juan Cruz Raschetti
Cuánto va a salir capas que mis padres puedan comprarla
Whispering Kate
Whispering Kate Dag sedan
Oddly satisfying 😄
Leonardo Escamilla
J S Dag sedan
When VP of hardware design himself tear down every component and tells what it does or how they are built in , it shows that the product can be trusted 👏😉
Jerome Parnell
Jerome Parnell Dag sedan
I wonder if sony did this because microsoft had an xbox teardown video on austin evans channel. Cool video though, I love tech.
leandro cueto
leandro cueto Dag sedan
no entendi una mierda que dijo el hombre pero el video de 10 ufff ps5 todas las cosas que tenes parece pocas piecas pero no lo son jajaj ayy nc que parte vender de mi cuerpo que cuesta mas de 100 mil pesos para comprar la ps5 deahhhh na mentira xdxdxd.
im pact
im pact Dag sedan
That creamy choco sandwich i'd take i bite out of it. But seriously wow never expected a teardown from ps.
Zula Dag sedan
Zula Dag sedan
Amando Chavez
Amando Chavez Dag sedan
The new Xbox looks like a speaker
XenoContact Dag sedan
the external storage should've been SATA not M.2
mzamroni Dag sedan
Sony should formally sell unlock code/app that will make ps5 as regular PC (install regular windows 10, etc.) It can instantly become top pc vendor.
DiggOlive Dag sedan
That SSD controller being custom designed for the system looks so powerful
Philip Price
Philip Price Dag sedan
14k dislikes?! What is there to dislike in this video?! Unless every single dislike is from a hardware engineer then I'm gonna have to say its just Xbots who are salty.
hisoka44 hisoka
hisoka44 hisoka Dag sedan
can i install crome web browser in ps 5?
Player 1
Player 1 Dag sedan
Welcome to the meme world, chinaguy
Thoughts on the PS5 Teardown
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